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When the Time Is Right…    

to Sell

Capital Endeavors, Inc. can assist you in the sale of your business on a performance basis or in the role of a traditional consultant on an hourly basis. Below are the steps of the standard transaction.

to Buy

Whether you are an individual, synergistic positioned company, or private investment group that is considering buying a business, Capital Endeavors can help you locate and screen your potential acquisition(s). We have the experience and know-how to quarterback the transaction all the way through closing.

to Appraise

Whether selling your business, bringing in a partner, creating or updating a buy/sell agreement, planning an E.S.O.P., developing stock options for employees, going through divorce proceedings, planning a transfer of the business to your children, developing a trust for your future estate, or any other similar reasons, Capital Endeavors, Inc. has a team that can provide a full line of appraisal services to fit your needs.

to Grow

There are many private equity groups (PEGS) that have build funds they want to leverage where they buy a portion of the equity in privately held middle size companies just like yours. Many of these groups do not wish to come and buy the entire company. They are more interested in buying either a minority or a majority share of the business while you stay on as a minority or majority partner and run the business.

to Exit

Believe it or not, the business can survive without you with the proper succession planning. Without the proper succession, many a business has gone out of business once the founder dies because he did not delegate authority to those under him or her to groom their replacement.

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