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“What the Seller Says ” Newsletter Archived Stories

What Makes Buyers and Sellers Trust one Another?
Keeping the Deal Alive
Debunking the Multiple Myths – “I heard they sold for…”
Take Care of Your Business – and Your Business Will Take Care of You
Inventory – A Leach…or a Knight in Shinning Armor
Can You Really Turn Over the Reins
You Can’t Take It With You
Burned Out
When do you finally get to walk away from the deal
Non Compete Agreements
Seller Financing
Family Business
Have you Read your Buy-Sell Lately
Is Managment Buyout Right for You
Is Your Company Sellable?
Partnership BuyOut – Do Your Homework
Steps involved in negotiating a purchase
Visit Monte Carlo
Where Do You Stand with your Shareholders
Top 3 Best Deal Killers

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“What the Buyer Says ” Newsletter Archived Stories

Accept Seller Financing with Eyes Wide Open
What Makes the Best Buyer?
Iron Sharpens Iron When Financing the Transaction
How Do You Know That You Are a Real Buyer?
Buyer’s Checklist
It is All About You
Can you stomach the deal
Stop the Craziness
Due Diligence
Can The Deal Be Financed
How Long Will It Take To Buy A Business
Make Yourself Stand Out
The Biggest Concern-Transferability
Where is the real risk in buying a business?
What is my Return on Investment?

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“What the Courts Say” Newsletter Archived Stories

Tax Court Denies Charitable Deduction Based on Faulty Premise of Value
Using a Joint Appraiser To Advantage in Divorce

Of Discounts, Taxes, and Subsequent Events: Three Hot Topics in Valuation

Working with Appraisers to Solve Problems in Valuing The Very Small Business
Does A Buy-Sell Value Bind Parties in a Divorce

Intangible Asset Valuations Spot the Common Errors
An ESOP Appraisal Checklist
Fair Value in Shareholder Dissent Case Warrants Minority Discount

If bankruptcy is not clearly imminent

Failure to challenge distinction between personal and professional goodwill

Efforts to lock in value for buy-sell purposes

Divorcing Wife Learns to be Careful What You Ask For
Close Call-Taxpayer Appeals FMV Standard
Defendants Damages Theory
Divorce Court Accepts Double Dibbing Arguement
Divorce Court Rules Wife Lacks Standing
Family LLCs in Round-Up
Husbands earlier sale valuation damages divorce
IRS Loses the Battle on Discounts
Monsanto Case Demonstrates the Value of Your Clientís Intellectual Property
No Legitimate Business Purpose for FLP

Divorce Roundup The Challenges of Valuing ‘Main Street’ Businesses
25 Year Battle Over Hard Rock Turns on Value of IP Assets
Can A Reasonable Royalty Ever Exceed Lost Profits
Cost Method ‘Strikingly Inappropriate’ to Value Technology

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